Hunting, a successful hobby!

It might seem surprising to some, but hunting is now on the podium of the French people’s favourite pastimes, in third place after football and fishing.

France is one of the leading hunting countries in Europe, ahead of Spain and Italy. In 2017, nearly 1.2 million French people will be hunting. Most of them are men and 50% of the hunters are less than 50 years old. More and more young people are also taking up hunting and want to obtain their hunting licence.

The right equipment to learn how to hunt

For you who want to discover hunting, the first thing to do is to be well equipped. To do so, a visit to the hunting market is recommended. There you will find all the necessary new and second-hand equipment for a good hunt, so make sure you choose the right equipment, whether you want to hunt birds or game. The basic tools are of course rifles, shotguns or pistols, in addition to hunting knives or skinning knives, depending on the practice you have chosen. For more comfort, optical glasses are also strongly recommended. For the more difficult and traditional ones, crossbows and hunting bows are also available on the market.

To blend in a little more with the scenery and feel comfortable while hunting, equip yourself with the appropriate clothing, such as jackets, pants or vests. Some hunters also come with their dogs to hunt game, and accessories are also reserved for them.

For those who want to get started, find a mentor and take your learner’s permit so you can get an overview of the activity before you get serious.

When is the hunting season?

Professionals may already have a well-established hunting schedule and are just waiting for the green light from the authorities. For those who are just starting out, remember to consult the program for your region or country where you are hunting. Generally, the hunting season is open between August and March. The arrangements may therefore vary depending on the season, depending on whether you opt for shooting, flying or running hunting. Schedules are usually between 7 a.m. and 1 p.m., but they may also be free.

The hunting license to pass

For an activity in a particular area, a hunting licence is required for this type of hobby. The new hunter will then have to pass a hunting exam to obtain a licence. To obtain yours, check with your region or department. This licence will be valid for a certain period of time, all year round or for a shorter period. Insurance and payment of the hunting fee are also required.

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